The knowledge and tools availed to students at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels reflects convergence of disciplines and subjects including  Physical and Biological Sciences, Mathematics, Agriculture, Geography, Information Technology and economics among others.  This enhances analytical rigor and research and understanding of various issues of concern as regards the environment.  In the department, careful attention is paid to generation, adaptation and application of knowledge to the local community, the country and the broader East African Community.

Professional certificate programmes offered include Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA) and Disaster Management. These enhance the skills of those who have already completed their studies in various disciplines. The undergraduate programme in Environmental Science is designed to provide a broad-based education for undergraduate students who wish to study environmental issues related to resource use, protection and enhancement of environmental quality.  There are two postgraduate programmes at both Msc and PhD levels.  These include Environmental Science and Environmental and Occupational Health.  These programmes are geared towards producing professionals equipped with knowledge, awareness, understanding, skills and concern for the environment, so as to incorporate environmental considerations in all national development strategies and plans.  We have numerous outreach programmes through collaborations with numerous organizations and this has enhanced capacity building at community level in issues related with climate change and other contemporary issues related to environmental degradation.
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