Message From the Chairman The Department of Environmental Science is multi-disciplinary, dynamic, client and research-oriented facility, dedicated to training human capacity and conducting research in all aspects touching on environmental issues that affect society both locally and globally. It was founded in 1997 in response to national and international needs for sustainable management of the environment. Many environmental issues have arisen due to increase in human population and increased development which have brought various environmental challenges. Solutions to these challenges require holistic approach. The mandate of the department is teaching and research, transmission and preservation of knowledge, extension and outreach programmes, cooperate with government ministries and agencies in achieving sustainable development without compromising the quality of the environment. The department offers strong teaching, research and outreach programmes leading to Short Certificate Course in EIA/EA, Bachelor of Science, Pre-Masters, Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy programmes. The department is endowed with qualified and experienced academic staff with wide range of specialisation areas of Environmental Education and Management, Environmental Health, Water and Sanitation, Microbiology, Human Ecology, Environmental Economics, Biodiversity Conservation and Environmental Science. The collaboration between the department and Sweden Environmental Institute (SEI)  enhances capacity building through training and research on improved planning and implementation of more sustainable urban water and sanitation services. The department in collaboration with National Environmental Management Authority (NEMA) is designated as one the centres for training of EIA/EA experts and provides consultancy on EIAEA and Water and sanitation services.