Application forms may be obtained from the Director, Board of Postgraduate studies upon payment of a prescribed Non-refundable fee and returned duly completed.

All applicants for registration shall be processed in the first instance through the relevant Department in which registration is sought. The Department shall then forward all such applications with appropriate comments to the Faculty board concerned for approval and onward transmission to the Board of Postgraduate

Applicants shall be admitted to only one Degree programme at a time.
Admission shall be confirmed by letter from the Direct, Board of Postgraduate Studies

Admission shall be offered to holders of a Bachelor's Degree with an Upper Second Class Honours or above or equivalent qualification from recognized

In exceptional cases, the Senate may also admit to the Master's programme a non-holder of Upper Second Class Honours provided that such candidate can, on the basis of the research and other scholarly work done, demonstrate to the satisfaction of the Senate qualification to undertake postgraduate studies.
Subject to approval by the Senate, Departments may formulate regulations requiring applicants to have attained other academic qualifications as may be
consistent with the goals of their Master's programmes or to appear for interview to determine their suitability for admission.

In exceptional cases, holder of lower second class honour may be admitted if they have two years of relevant experience. qualification from a recognized institution in the relevant field of specialization acceptable to Senate. Those with a 'Pass' Diploma will be considered if they have at least two years relevant experience after graduation meet additional entry requirements as may be specified by the respective Department, Faculty, School or Institute.